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Leim featured in Stella Magazine (The Telegraph)

Leim featured in Stella Magazine (The Telegraph)

I woke up on Sunday (13th June 2021, in case you're reading this at a much later date!) to a lovely Whatsapp message from a previous boss/now friend with a picture taken from the paper.

The Penny ezp® Playsuit was in Stella Magazine - which is a Sunday supplemental magazine in The Telegraph newspaper in the U.K.!

It was featured alongside some absolutely beautiful brands including Loewe, Sabinna and a book I'm now desperate to read - The Startup Wife by Tahmima Anam.

I knew it was coming but actually thought it was going to be online. This is the first time ever Leim has been in print, so it's a pretty... monumental moment for my small brand!

There's something about someone taking the time to feature your product and then going to the expense of printing that feature alongside some very established brands with much (much) bigger marketing budgets than mine. I'm not sure if I know how to explain it, other than it makes your work feel validated in a different kind of way to a sale - which don't get me wrong are still the best part of the job and the business wouldn't exist without them.

Charlotte Cox was the lovely journalist who said 'yes' to featuring the playsuit in the 'Stella Loves' section of the magazine - so thank you so much to Charlotte.

Now... I just need to find a frame the right size... there's absolutely no way this isn't going to be framed!


Next to the jumpsuit was a feature about a couple of new retailers specialising in responsible brands or those with a purpose:



I thought I'd bring them to your attention as alternatives to the big guys...!

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