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Launching soon - My first PDF sewing pattern!

Launching soon - My first PDF sewing pattern!

After what has felt like the ✨ longest ✨ prep time (I grossly underestimated how long it takes to make a pdf pattern!) I am almost ready to launch!

If you're not aware, I am releasing a digital pattern of my bestselling (and first!) jumpsuit, The Sisterhood. It will be available to buy on my website and also on my Etsy shop.

The instructions are finished, the printing works (as far as I can tell!) and everything is now with my 6 lovely test sewists. They are working their way through the instructions as we speak and I am hoping to have their feedback in the next couple of weeks.

Pdf sewing patterns - MeMadeLeim

My current goal is to launch on Tuesday 31st October! A halloween-y launch that won't be halloween related in the slightest.

Between now and then I need to work on some tutorial content and potentially come up with some hacks... not quite sure why I decided to make things so complicated for myself for my very first pattern release. But there we have it - overly optimistic and slightly anxious is my modus operandi 💪

As with everything to do with Leim, I literally never thought I would ever be able to do this. If 16 year old me could see me now! I have been downloading, printing, taping together and cutting out other people's patterns for years and years. To be releasing one of my own is a huge pinch me moment. I have absolutely loved the process of developing the pdf patterns and have a drive that I've not felt in a while - probably because this feels like a very authentic move for me and Leim.

I never set out to build a brand in the way that I have - a luxury made to order brand. I wanted the jumpsuits to be as accessible as possible. I am fully aware that the price of them prohibits most people from feeling like they can justify buying one and I am okay with that. Selling the patterns so that you can make them at home feels like an obvious step in making them as accessible as possible.

So, what's next? My plans for the next 2 weeks mostly revolve around creating videos and images for social media, to promote the launch. Once that has happened, I would like to focus on expanding the size range. I'm also going to scope out whether there is interest to buy a kit... you can buy fabrics selected by me, zips, thread and a paper copy of the pattern, all sent to you. What do you think? Please let me know in the comments!

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Signing off from this slightly chaotic blog post...

Hetty x

Oct 26, 2023

So incredibly excited for this!!


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