Leim is my love note to the most versatile item of clothing in our wardrobes.

Meet The Maker - Hetty - Leim toilet-friendly Jumpsuits

This is me, Hetty. Leim is my love note to the greatest, most versatile piece of clothing in everyone’s wardrobe.

The jumpsuit (and its sibling, the boilersuit) were already the best outfit I could ever choose.

But I felt they just needed to be even better.

No More Hover’n’Hold 

I love jumpsuits. I wear them all the time but it infuriates me that I have to take the whole thing off when I need to pee.

It’s not about nudity, necessarily (but it’s cool if that’s why you feel you need one).

But the toilet at work is freezing, I don’t want to take my clothes off every time I need the loo.

I don’t want to be out at drinks and need to pee but the door of the only clean-ish toilet doesn’t lock so I’m holding the door closed with one hand and my jumpsuit out of the floor puddle with the other and also trying to relax enough to pee whilst I’m trying to hover over the bowl. So annoying.

That’s how Leim started. With a frustration that no-one has managed to solve yet.



Sustainable, Ethical Jumpsuits 

I am designing the vintage of the future - these are jumpsuits that you will pass on; gift to a friend or relative. Perhaps trade it with a stranger for a different piece that you love, if and eventually when your tastes move on. 

Having said that, the fashion industry has a lot to answer for when it comes to the environment. Sustainability + ethical practice are two of Leim's core values - I chose natural or recycled fabrics where absolutely possible, that in turn are biodegradable or recyclable themselves. 

The jumpsuits are made by me in Hertford, U.K., often made to order or in very small batches.



I have worked with Paula Keech from the very beginning - we develop the styles together and she essentially helps me work out if my ideas will work.

Paula has worked in the fashion industry for over 30 years; for 20 of them, she has been a freelance fashion designer, including teaching fashion part-time during term time. Her skills include design and development of garment collections for men, women and children, including plus sizes.

She specialises in performance sports and leisurewear and also works extensively on ladieswear, knitwear, eveningwear and maternity. She has exceptional technical skills including pattern cutting and garment construction, plus strong trend, colour and fabric forecasting skills, branding, print, graphics, sourcing and selection of fabric and trimmings.

If you are looking for someone to help you with design development, I cannot recommend working with Paula more - here's her website. Tell her Hetty sent you!