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5 styling tips for The Sisterhood ezp® Jumpsuit

5 styling tips for The Sisterhood ezp® Jumpsuit

I recently wrote a guide for the Leim Letter subscribers and thought it might make quite a useful blog.

So it i! 5 tips for styling the Sisterhood ezp® jumpsuit - I hope you find it useful.

300620_Styling Tips_Sisterhood_Header.jpg

I thought, given the recent turn in the British weather (I know, how unexpected) that you might appreciate some styling tips for the Sisterhood, for days that are a little chilly.



1. Try contrasting colours - light with dark & dark with light.



2. Play with different textures and shapes - if I’m wearing a top (or shirt, like here, with an interesting shape, I try to keep the fabrics similar/the same. For example, here I have two linens, with a volumous sleeve.


3. A body (as in a body, not your actual body - although that’s pretty essential) is your best friend with this style. It keeps everything in place. I also enjoy the playfulness of a bardot top under The Sisterhood.



4. Pro tip: if your chosen top is on the loose side (like this top I’m wearing) tuck it into the top of your knickers. This stops it popping out when you move.

5. If in doubt, a white crew-neck t-shirt

should always be your




Do let me know in the comments if you think there’s something I’m missing. And don’t forget to tag @weareleim in your photos - I love seeing how you style them yourselves!

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