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5 Jumpsuit Friendly Yoga Stretches

5 Jumpsuit Friendly Yoga Stretches

If you know me personally (maybe less likely the longer Leim survives!) but even if you don't know me, you will soon know this fact: I, like many a millennial woman, love a bit of yoga. I'm not talking your competitive, hour long sweat fest - although I have been known to hide at the back of one of these classes and never return...

No, I'm talking about something simple I can fit into my day. 20-30 minutes, more if I'm feeling extra-fancy. This is where Helen Faliveno comes in. I first met Helen when she taught a corporate yoga class in the office I worked. It was free and at a time that I was spending all my spare pennies (lol still am) on Leim, it was a welcome mid-day treat for my head and my body.

I am a regular visitor to Helen's YouTube account and also a subscriber to her 'My Mindful Movement' membership, which I highly recommend. Her friendly, approachable classes range in abilities and also 'mood' which I love. I do these classes in my little living room with Bo (my baby) roaming around me (often sitting on me mid-pose, fun!) and I look forward to the day he joins in.

Anyway, she has very kindly put together a list of 5 of her favourite yoga stretches that are both jumpsuit friendly and home-friendly. Or in other words, you don't necessarily need to get your mat and bolster out and have to move the sofa. Perfect for a quick lunchtime stretch!

Thank you Helen 🧡 In the photos, Helen is wearing The Sisterhood ezp® Jumpsuit in Oatmeal Linen - this is a made to order style and I have enough fabric for probably 1 more jumpsuit, if you are interested!

Jumpsuit friendly stretches for a lunchtime refresh

These 5 at home stretches are perfect to do as a little body refresh, whatever you are up to. Whether you’re taking a break from your laptop or eating for the kettle to boil, give these 5 home stretches a go for a quick pick-me-up. 

All of the stretches can be done whatever you happen to be wearing, from your work clothes to your pjs!

Chest & shoulder stretch

The kitchen counter top is a good height for this one. Allow your head and chest to drop between the arms and extend your exhale. 


Adding a twist

This additional twist helps any stiffness around the middle back. Reach one hand to the outside of the opposite leg - Find placement for the hand that feels good for you and experiment with bending one knee at a  time


Hamstring stretch

If your counter top or table is too high, you can also use a chair or the sofa. Flex the raised foot so the toes are reaching back towards and keep the leg straight. For more intensity, fold the upper body over the leg.


Standing hip stretch

This one might also need a lower level like a chair or sofa. Bend into the knee of the foot that’s raised, keeping the back leg straight. Feel the stretch towards the hip flexors and breathe.


Chest & arm stretch

This one is lovely for when your hands and wrists are tired from typing away at the laptop. Bring the palm of the hand flat to the wall at shoulder level, begin to turn away from the wall until you feel the  stretch in the front of the shoulder, bicep and a little down to the hand too. 

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