The Gift Card


The gift cards are printed on beautiful card. I enclose and seal them in one of Leim's branded envelopes, along with a fabric sample card so they are able to decide what they want to spend it on!

I will create a digital code that your loved one can enter at the checkout. This will be written on the gift card. 

Is There a Time Limit?

I usually suggest that they should expire after one year but if you would like a different time, please let me know.

Can I Customise the Gift Card?

Of course! I can leave the envelope unsealed so that you can have a peek inside (you know you'll want to!) and add anything you fancy.

I normally write a note to say thank you and some details about how to get in touch with me if they need anything. If you'd rather I didn't do this, or would prefer to word your own note, that's no problem (I have quite nice handwriting, promise!)

I can put the 'gift' envelope inside another package if you would like to add to the envelope, without breaking the seal.   

How Do the 'One Jumpsuit' Gift Cards Work?

If you would like to invest in a full ezp®Jumpsuit for your loved one (thank you!), you simply have to select the style from the drop down list + checkout as if you were buying the jumpsuit yourself.

If you like, we can discuss the style you think they might like, otherwise I will create a code for this value based off your order.

What if I Don't Know What Style They Would Like?

This one seemed a little complicated to me when I was thinking about them but I thought there may be some people who'd like to gift a whole jumpsuit but wanted to give the person the choice.

If you are unsure which style want to email me, we can agree on the price and if your loved one chooses one for less or more value, I will either refund the difference or issue a request for additional payment.  

Delivery + Returns

When you pay for the gift card, you will be charged shipping, but the receiver won't pay shipping for their jumpsuit.

Your loved one will have 1 year to place their order (unless we've agreed a different time).

Gift cards are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for money, but the jumpsuit can be exchanged for a different size, colour or style.