The Dan Wrap ezp® Jumpsuit Ivory Peace Silk


Are you the sort of person who likes to show a little skin every now and again?

Are you a big fan of your boobs but not so much your upper arms?

Or maybe you love every part of you and want the comfort and flexibility of a wrap-style jumpsuit.

If so, The Dan is the ezp® Jumpsuit for you. 

The Dan ezp® Jumpsuit is the world's first wrap-style toilet-friendly jumpsuit.

It has ties either side that create a deep v-neck at the front, which cross over behind you, to also create a v-shaped back. These ties are long enough to go around your body twice, so there's no chance of a bit of skin peaking out as you move.

The neckline is wide to show your beautiful collar bone, but still hides a bra strap or two if you choose to wear one. 

With long trouser legs and 3/4 length sleeves (get in touch for custom measurements), The Dan ezp® Jumpsuit will see you through Winter and into Spring. 

Don't see your size? Please get in touch as I can also do custom sizes/made to order!

How To Use The Bathroom In This Jumpsuit

It's easy - no more stripping off in a public toilet!

First, undo the ties - you can tie these in a loose bow so they don't drop on the floor.

Undo the button holding the elastic and undo the zips each side.

Go about your business

Once you're done, do up the elastic with the button again (it will hold the trousers in place and give you two hands to do up the zips)

Pull up the zips - carefully!

Adjust your top half, tuck in anything that needs tucking and re-tie the tie.


Size + Fit Advice

The Dan ezp® Jumpsuit fits true to size. The fabric is knitted and so has a little stretch in it - it's very forgiving after a big lunch!

If you would like a custom leg or arm length, please contact to discuss - tall and petite people are absolutely welcome here!

Maisie is a size 8 and is 5'7".

Em (bright red hair) is wearing an 18 and is 6'.

Hetty's Styling Tips

Wedding season is nearly upon us - I want to pair the Dan with a pair of statement earrings, some beautiful heels and a big necklace - after a year of tracksuit bottoms I am going ALL OUT.


What Makes This Jumpsuit Special?

Whilst I was developing The Dan ezp® Jumpsuit, I found that the top part would get a little baggy and didn't look very beautiful. I also thought it might be a bit chilly on your back.

To combat this, I have added a small piece of eco-elastic that wraps around the front of your tummy, helping to keep the jumpsuit closed and giving it a sleek shape.

I'm also all about the little details that make your life easier: did I mention it has pockets that actually fit things in?

How To Care for Your Dan ezp® Jumpsuit

The Dan ezp® Jumpsuit can be machine washed on a handwash setting, with similar colours. Please try to use an eco-detergent and a low temperature setting.

You shouldn’t need to clean your jumpsuit very often, try and spot clean it with a damp cloth where possible (it's better for the environment and your jumpsuit will last longer!)

How Is This Jumpsuit Sustainable?

The Dan ezp® Jumpsuit in Ivory Peace Silk is made from bamboo silk. This is a vegan, cruelty-free alternative to silk. Without being a downer - most silk is created by boiling silk worms alive in their cocoons. Whilst some may say 'they are only a grub', I don't see why an animal needs to die for a piece of clothing. 

I use eco-elastic made from 65% organic cotton + 35% natural rubber and buttons made from Corozo nuts (also known as Palm Ivory - don't worry, it's vegan!)

The fabric comes from China, the eco-elastic comes from Austria, the Corozo in the buttons comes from Ecuador, by way of Gloucestershire in the U.K. and the zips come from Italy. I try to source all materials as close to home as I can, to reduce the carbon footprint of the jumpsuits.

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