The Sisterhood ezp® Jumpsuit Mustard Gingham Linen

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The Sisterhood was the very first ezp® Jumpsuit I designed.

I had started making myself a jumpsuit, it had very small buttons down the back and I realised it was going to be a nightmare to take off when I needed the toilet.

That year, I had been to Glastonbury festival. Festival toilets are always an… experience, but these were something else. I had worn a jumpsuit and it had been a complicated ordeal trying to go to the toilet (most are open air loos, if you’ve not had the pleasure) risking showing my birthday suit to anyone that looked over the top. Not to mention trying to stop my jumpsuit from falling on the ground. Ew.

These 2 experiences led me to the day when, nearly a year later, I tried the first ezp® Jumpsuit sample on my best friends. We’re all different shapes and sizes and whilst it didn’t fit perfectly, it looked beautiful on every single one of us. Like the jeans in The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants!

So the name ‘The Sisterhood’ stuck - named after my sisterhood and the sisterhood of women that I hope you might join, after you put on your Leim ezp® Jumpsuit and feel like you could do absolutely anything you set your mind to.

The Sisterhood ezp® Jumpsuit is a sleeveless toilet-friendly jumpsuit, with a fitted bodice (the ‘technical’ name for the top part of the jumpsuit) and loose, straight leg trousers which are slightly cropped.

As with all the ezp® Jumpsuits, The Sisterhood ezp® Jumpsuit has zips either side so that you can use the toilet without having to take it off.


How to Use the Bathroom in this Jumpsuit

It's easy - no more faffing around when you need the toilet!

First, undo the buttons on the tabs inside the jumpsuit.

Undo the zips each side.

Go about your business.

Once you're done, lift up the back and do the buttons up first, then you have both hands to re-do the zips.


Size + Fit Advice

The Sisterhood ezp® Jumpsuit fits pretty true to size but those customers who have exchanged have often been sizing down - if you’re between sizes I recommend you take the smaller size first. Because the bodice is fitted, you’ll want to make sure that your bust measurement is the one you prioritise.

To measure yourself, wrap a tape measure around the fullest part of your bust (usually around your nipples), the smallest part of your waist (typically just below your ribs - this is where the waistband will sit) and the fullest part of your hips (not your hipbones - this means the fullest part of your thighs when they are together).

Compare your measurements against the guide to find your size. If you would like a custom leg or arm length, please contact to discuss - tall and petite people are absolutely welcome here!

The Sisterhood  ezp® Jumpsuit has an inside leg measurement of 70cm.

Maisie is wearing a size 8 and is 5’7”.

Dan is wearing a 14 and is 5’7”.

Em (bright red hair) is wearing an 18 and is 6'.


Hetty's Styling Tips

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a ‘winter wardrobe’ and a ‘summer wardrobe’ - the clothes I invest in have to work for all seasons.

I love that I can put a statement shirt underneath The Sisterhood ezp® Jumpsuit and be ready for a party in February, or wear it with nothing underneath in the park in summer.


What Makes This Jumpsuit Special?

The straps of The Sisterhood ezp® Jumpsuit go over your shoulders and can be worn either crossed or straight and they are adjustable, depending on how tight you like the fit. The straps attach to buttons on the inside of a waistband that is also adjustable, because every body is different.

I also love the almond shape created by the waistband and the top of the trousers. So unusual and it was a happy accident!


How To Care for The Sisterhood ezp® Jumpsuit

Different fabrics need different care - this Mustard Gingham Linen can go in your washing machine on a hand wash/delicates cycle - please use a sensitive, eco-friendly detergent. Wash with similar colours - there may be some dye loss with the first wash.

You shouldn’t need to clean your jumpsuit very often, try and spot clean it with a damp cloth where possible (it's better for the environment and your jumpsuit will last longer!)

How Is This Jumpsuit Sustainable?

The Sisterhood ezp® Jumpsuit in Mustard Gingham Linen is made from pre-washed European Linen, woven in small batches and dyed with OEKO-TEX certified dyes.

The buttons are made from corozo nuts (also known as Palm Ivory - don’t worry, it’s vegan!) harvested in a sustainable way by indigenous people - the process and revenue from growing corozo enables them to protect their lands from deforestation. The raw materials for the buttons come from Equador and they are formed in Gloustershire.

The zips are manufactured in Italy.

This jumpsuit in handmade in the U.K. by garment workers paid well above the national minimum wage.

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