The Bringing Sexy Back ezp® Jumpsuit Rose TENCEL™

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Ever had to strategically time work toilet-breaks because you’re wearing a jumpsuit and don’t have time to get completely undressed, then dressed again?

Or how about missing the best joke after being stuck in the toilet, fiddling with your jumpsuit, whilst your friends are at the bar?

Yup… me too! That’s why I designed the ezp® Jumpsuits - beautiful, functional jumpsuits, designed for busy people who don’t want to compromise style vs time in the toilet.

The Bringing Sexy Back ezp® Jumpsuit has 3 sets of ties down the back of the 'top’, giving you the freedom to show as little or as much skin as you like. There are also tucks that hug the top part of this ezp® jumpsuit to your body (so you don't get too chilly in the winter.) A wide boat neck skims your collar bone and will perfectly highlight a beautiful necklace without hiding it.

As with all the ezp® Jumpsuit styles, there are zips that undo to make this a toilet-friendly jumpsuit.

Thoughtful extras include practical pockets that are angled so whatever you put in them won’t fall out when you sit down and a super flattering 3/4 length sleeve.


How To Use The Bathroom In This Jumpsuit

It's easy - no more faffing around when you need the toilet!

First, undo the buttons on the waistband.

Undo the zips each side.

Go about your business.

Once you're done, lift up the back and do the buttons up first, then you have both hands to re-do the zips.

Size + Fit Advice

The Bringing Sexy Back ezp® Jumpsuit fits true to size but because the waistband is fitted, your waist measurement is the most important to get right. The waistband should fit snugly against the small of your back whilst you are standing. 

To measure yourself, wrap a tape measure around the fullest part of your bust (usually around your nipples), the smallest part of your waist (typically just below your ribs - this is where the waistband will sit) and the fullest part of your hips (not your hipbones - this means the fullest part of your thighs when they are together).

Compare your measurements against the guide to find your size. If you would like a custom leg or arm length, please contact to discuss - tall and petite people are absolutely welcome here!

The Bringing Sexy Back  ezp® Jumpsuit has an inside leg measurement of 72.5cm.


Maisie is wearing an 8 and is  5’7”. 

Dan is wearing a 14 and is 5’7”.

Amelia is wearing a 10 and is 6’. 


Hetty's Styling Tips

I love showing a bit of skin as much as the next person, but I run on the very chilly (read: my hands and feet are like ice cubes) so I need layers and lots of them. I like wearing the Bringing Sexy Back ezp® Jumpsuit with a contrast coloured top underneath and trainers for daytime, then remove the top and swap the trainers for some pretty heels in the evening.

What Makes This Jumpsuit Special?

I love celebrating your beautiful bum and the Bringing Sexy Back ezp® Jumpsuit is designed and made for this sole purpose.

The flat waistband hugs the jumpsuit into the small of your back, highlighting this elegant part of your body. The darts at the back of the trousers gather the fabric at the waist and release it gradually, allowing it to gently flow over your bum, giving a beautiful shape.

The fabric itself has a beautiful fluidity and feels like sandwashed silk, but is cruelty free. Truly luxurious and sustainable

How To Care for Your Bringing Sexy Back ezp® Jumpsuit

The Bringing Sexy Back ezp® Jumpsuit can be machine washed on a hand wash or delicates cycle.

However, if you live in an area with hard water or have an old washing machine, I recommend that you dry clean your Bringing Sexy Back ezp® Jumpsuit - the fabric will become mottled and stiff.

How Is This Jumpsuit Sustainable?

The Bringing Sexy Back ezp® Jumpsuit is made from TENCEL™ - or lyocell. Lyocell is made from wood pulp in what is known as a 'circular' manufacturing process - this means the waste (water, chemicals used for dyeing) is cleaned + re-used to make more fabric, rather than being disposed of (typically dumped in the river network).

The buttons are made from corozo nuts (Palm Ivory - don’t worry, it’s vegan!) and eco-dyed to match the fabric.

The TENCEL™ is from Eastern Europe, the buttons come from Equador, via Gloustershire in the U.K. and the zips are manufactured in Italy. I try to source all materials as close to home as I can, to reduce the carbon footprint of the jumpsuits.

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