The Alex ezp® Boilersuit Sunset Needlecord


The Alex ezp® Boilersuit was named after one of my very best friends who, no word of a lie, is in a boilersuit every time I see her 🧡

Only thing is... none of them are particularly toilet-friendly. Which gave me an idea!

Once again, I went back to why I started Leim - to solve a problem that I found incredibly frustrating.

Because (you can correct me if I'm wrong) boilersuits are so close to being the best outfits. No?

Comfy, easy to wear + dress up or down, they make you feel fabulous if the shape is right - so why, in 2020, do you still have to take the whole thing off when you need to 'spend a penny'?

The Alex is here to change all that for you. She's a beautiful, wide legged jumpsuit that you don't need to take off in the bathroom. 

The top part of The Alex is fitted for a flattering shape that makes me think of a classic Levi's shirt. It has all the best parts of a shirt - breast pockets you can actually put things in, as well as beautiful cuff + collar details. 

There are easy-to-use poppers that hold the shirt placket, sides + cuffs closed, rather than buttons - I thought 16 buttons would be a little extra!

The ties either side loop twice around your waist, finishing The Alex ezp boilersuit off simply + giving structure to the seat of the trousers. 

Don't see your size? Please get in touch as I can also do custom sizes/made to order!

How To Use The Bathroom In This Jumpsuit

It's easy - no more faffing around when you need the toilet!

First, undo the ties - you can tie these in a loose bow so they don't drop on the floor.

Undo the zips each side.

Go about your business.

Once you're done, pull up the zips - carefully! You could tie the tie first if you like, then you have both hands to re-do the zips.

Adjust your top half, tuck in the back of the shirt and re-tie the tie if you haven't already.

Size + Fit Advice

The Alex ezp® Boilersuit fits true to size. The trousers are quite roomy - very forgiving after a big lunch - but the shirt top is more fitted. If you prefer a looser fit around your armpits or chest (or if you have larger boobs) you may want to size up.

If you would like a custom leg or arm length, please contact to discuss - tall and petite people are absolutely welcome here!

The Alex ezp® Boilersuit has an inside leg measurement of 75cm.

Maisie is wearing a size 8 and is 5’7”.

Hetty's Styling Tips

I love a relaxed look and rarely wear a shirt with the sleeves all the way down. Here's my tip for rolling up the sleeves:

  1. Undo the poppers on the cuff (if they are done up!) + take the loose cuff in your fingers.
  2. Pull it backwards, up your arm towards your elbow crease, making sure that it basically turns itself inside out - you want to have a good 10cm of the sleeve fabric along your forearm
  3. Roll what's left of the shirt fabric back on itself, once or twice, so you are revealing more of your forearm (this helps keep the cuff in place + stops it from going back down your arm)

This also looks great if you have a contrast coloured top or roll-neck underneath - you can push the sleeves of that under-top up a little too, until it's about 3/4 length.

How to Get Dressed in The Alex  ezp® Boilersuit

I could tell you how to put this boilersuit on, or I could show you... I think I'll do both!

  1. Undo the zips either side
  2. Put your legs through the trousers
  3. Put your arms through the sleeves + your head through the opening (this is easier if all poppers are undone
  4. Pull yourself through the boilersuit
  5. Adjust the top part until you're comfortable, do up the poppers either side
  6. Tuck the back of the shirt into the waist band, then do up the zips + tie
  7. Finish by popping together the poppers at the centre front

If that wasn't too clear, here's a video!

What Makes This Jumpsuit Special?
As always, it's the little details that I am so proud of here: the shirt cuffs with their pointed placket detail and the patch-work pockets that are actually pockets (not fake ones.)

These details are tricky to get even but I love the attention-to-detail they require. Those small, pointed details have all my hopes of you celebrating yourself and your body in The Alex ezp® Boilersuit sewn into them.

How To Care for Your Alex ezp® Jumpsuit

The Alex ezp® Boilersuit can be machine washed on a handwash setting, with similar colours. Please try to use a non-biological eco-detergent and a low temperature setting.

How Is This Jumpsuit Sustainable?

The Alex ezp® Boilersuit in Sunset Needlecord is made from 100% cotton needlecord - a very fine corduroy that gives the jumpsuit a ribbed texture.

The poppers (snap fasteners) are all made from brass.

The needlecord is from Eastern Europe, the poppers come from the U.K. and the zips are manufactured in Italy. I try to source all materials as close to home as I can, to reduce the carbon footprint of the jumpsuits.

The jumpsuits are all made in the U.K. by garment makers paid well above the national minimum wage.