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City Breaks: Your Holiday Packing Checklist

City Breaks: Your Holiday Packing Checklist

Do you have a city break planned this summer? If so, here’s my go-to guide for packing light (I’m talking hand luggage, carry-on case only) for a summer city break.

I love a city break - you get a bit of everything, some culture, beautiful food and fun nightlife (lol, pre-baby me talking here). But I’m not a fan of packing for them, because I love taking my whole wardrobe with me wherever I go (I’m not a pack light kind of person)

Photo by American Green Travel on Unsplash

However, now I have a toddler in tow, I don’t have the luxury of lots of space when it comes to travelling. Nor do I really want to take lots with me - the more you take, the more you have to carry.

After quite a few trips, I have become a pro at packing light. This is mostly because I have been able to narrow my travelling wardrobe down to a few key pieces that can work for multiple situations.

Read on to find out how I’ve done this and how you can make your own capsule wardrobe for a city break.

Sweat City: Pack Cooling Linen

If you’ve been around my brand for a while, you’ll know that I am of the sweaty persuasion. It has only got worse the older I have got slash since I had a child. This means that I live in natural fabrics, of which linen is my go-to. It’s breathable, which makes it cooling in the summer heat and, if I’m clever with the colour choice, often doesn’t show up sweat patches.

I take a pair of linen shorts (cooling, elasticated waist, very easy to wear) and a linen jumpsuit with me everywhere, precisely for these reasons. My jumpsuit has aged beautifully, like a fine wine, the fabric starting to wear into a wonderful softness that I know is going to get better the longer I have it.

The white shirt

This has to be the hardest working piece of clothing in my wardrobe.

I wear it with a cami and jeans, on the beach as a coverup, it works as a cardi in the cool evenings, I can also use it as a blanket for Bo if we really need it.

Throw a beautiful necklace on and you’ve got a relaxed but sexy dinner outfit.

Which leads me to…

Statement necklace / earrings - okay, 1-2 pieces of statement jewellery

These are an absolute MUST if you’re packing light!

I pack 1-2 pieces of statement jewellery - which often aren’t even that ‘statement’ but just a statement for me, who rarely wears jewellery. One necklace, one pair of earrings and my Larsson & Jennings watch, maybe.

You can keep one of these in your bag, or bumbag or (if you’re me) your pocket and it can take a daytime t-shirt and jeans to nighttime dinner outfit in literally 2 seconds, without having to go back to the hotel to change.

Multi-functional pieces: Black jumpsuits work for endless occasions

Black jumpsuit from Leim

You may want to consider the versatility of your outfits. Can they be worn multiple different ways depending on your mood?

I like to have a few options, in case I wake up not wanting to wear something. I’ll have one piece, like a black jumpsuit, but take a couple of tops, a shirt, couple of jewellery options and a cardigan or jumper to make them feel like different outfits.

Better yet, you can take wear a tshirt underneath during the day but take it off for dinner

This type of planning can make it feel like you have different options, while you’re still packing super light.

Anything I’ve missed?

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