The Clear Skin Fitted Face Mask


Are you finding that the mask you’re wearing is giving you spots? Me too! The Maskne is real.

The skin around my mouth and cheeks doesn’t feel so great at the moment, so I’ve made a collection of Clear Skin Face Masks.

They are lined with bamboo silk, a cruelty-free silk made from (duh) bamboo. It is considered to have antibacterial properties and so I’m hoping it’ll help prevent the couple of mates I’m collecting on my chin.

The masks are made from offcuts of fabric, leftover from the jumpsuit making process, so are also helping to reduce waste (these pieces are too small to be turned into more jumpsuits, but perfect for face masks)

Not only will the bamboo lining help to stop clogged pores, but the breathable linen and soft organic cottons will be perfect for the summer heat, but warm in the winter - if we have to wear masks that long 😬

One mask is £15, but order 2 for £25 - click here to order the 2 pack.

I have now SOLD OUT of Gingham.

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