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Welcome to the jumpsuits you don't need to take off when you go to the toilet!


My name is Hetty, I’m the founder of Leim and the designer behind the ezp™ jumpsuits - jumpsuits you don’t need to take off when you go to the toilet.

I love jumpsuits and wear them all the time. But I just couldn’t understand why the most amazing piece of clothing was so impractical.

I’ve made my own clothes and adapted things I’ve bought since I was young. Although I’ve not been to fashion school, I understand technical design and how fabric can change how you feel about yourself and your body.

The impracticality of jumpsuits annoyed me so much that I set out to change them for the better.

Fast forward to now - we have 2 styles: the Sisterhood & the Bringing Sexy Back.

I’ll be announcing the Kickstarter launch shortly, but in the meantime, start deciding which ezp™ jumpsuit you want ;)

Hetty xx


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