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How to care for your Leim jumpsuit

How to care for your Leim jumpsuit

This started as an Instagram post, but I started rambling so thought I’d turn it into a blog post.

The most important thing is: Leim jumpsuits are all hand wash/dry clean only.

The method depends on the style and so please do check the label (eg the velvet is 100% no questions asked dry clean only).

I’ll start with the instructions for hand washing!

Firstly - absolute no-nos:

- No tumble drying

- No spin cycles in a washing machine

- No hot water - this is particularly important because the buttons are made from all natural nuts and don’t particularly like getting wet.

Instructions for hand washing:

1. Take your chosen (eco) delicates washing detergent. I use @ecover_uk for delicates.

2. Fill you washbasin (or your bath, a bowl or bucket, whatever you have to hand. As long as it's clean!) with warm water and a measure of detergent - use the recommended amount on the packaging. Mix well.

3. Pop your jumpsuit in, making sure it's fully covered by the water. Leave to soak for a while but no longer than 30 minutes - the buttons in particular do not like being soaked.

4. You can rub lightly at marks but don't scrub as this will damage the fabric and cause holes to appear/dyes to fade.

5. Lightly squeeze excess water from your jumpsuit. Shake out and place on a hanger to dry - you might want to put a towel underneath it as it will most likely drip as it dries. It’s also a good idea to try and straighten out any creases before it dries.

6. Iron! I'm not a huge fan of ironing but your jumpsuits will look so much better if you do. You'll need quite a high temperature, particularly if you have a linen jumpsuit.

Treat your jumpsuit with care. You only need to wash occasionally, definitely not after every use (unless you're a really mucky pup.) Spot clean with a damp cloth first, if you can. Hope that helps!

Washing is a chore I love. It's the only chore I enjoy actually.

I see so many 'sustainable' clothing brands who's clothing is dry clean only.

Dry cleaning is not a particularly sustainable way of cleaning your clothes - methods include hydrochloric acid as well as considerable energy use. (I've seen a rise in eco-friendly dry cleaners, which use more environmentally products - please try to use one of these if you can.)

Having said that, it’s understandable that brands recommend dry cleaning for their garments - compared to machine washing, dry cleaning is relatively low-impact on clothing if you're only cleaning them occasionally.

It's not great for your clothes but do you have the time to take things to the dry cleaners on a regular basis?

You naturally wear clothing less if it's marked 'dry clean only' and so there’s less risk for brands - clothes aren’t worn as often so wear and tear is reduced and the responsibility of cleaning (and anything that goes wrong) is transferred to another business (the dry cleaner).

But I wanted the jumpsuits so be a functioning part of your wardrobe - one that you can get full use out of. Not something that you can only wear once or twice and it sits in your 'dry clean' pile. So I’ve tried where possible to make them hand wash only. Something that you can do quickly at home in the evening, while your dinner is in the oven (or wherever)

It’s worth noting though that if you live in a place (for example, London) where the water is harder, you'll find that your clothes suffer more from washing in water. They become stiffer and can sometimes get a visible build-up of residue, which can appearing as white-ish lines.

This is part of the reason why some brands prefer to say 'dry clean only'. There's also the psychological implications of 'dry clean only' - if the cost of something extends beyond its intial purchase price, you're going to take better care of it, in turn ensuring it stays looking relatively 'new'.

I’d hope you’d take special care of your jumpsuit either way. And maybe now consider your washing practices a little more.

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