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How the ezp® Jumpsuits Work


I genuinely love jumpsuits, as do millions of people around the world - mostly, I think, because they are so easy. One outfit, you don’t have to match tops to bottoms. Perfect.

Except the toilet situation. Why is that? A blog post for another day, maybe.

I had the idea for the ezp™ jumpsuits around a year ago now - from a babygrow, of all things. Beginning of the summer, 2018. Since then the most common question I get is

But… how do they work?!?!

I’m not going to lie, I wear the Leim jumpsuits quite a lot. My excuse is that I need to make sure the quality is what I expect but it mostly has a lot to do with how bloody comfy they are. Because of this, explaining how they work is usually nothing more than showing. It’s the times when I’m not wearing one that’s a little more complicated. I get many strange looks.

So! I’ve made a short video for those that that haven’t been lucky enough to see me in one.


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